Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What is the best way to stop smoking?

The best way to stop any addiction, whether it is smoking or drinking is to stop it instantly and never look back again. You can not quit any addiction step by step because meantime you remain the same. Try to understand this. Even if you reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke everyday, you are still an addict and any moment you may loose the control and you will increase the number of cigarettes.

So the best way is always simple, effective and quick. It is very straightforward. It is popular belief that you need a strong will power to quit smoke. No sir, this is not true.You need will power only to keep fighting with something.Here you are not going to fight rather you are going to quit. Understand the basic thing. You are not going to fight with the bad habit rather you are going to quit. And you can quit anything within a moment.

It is your own mind. So you don't have to fight with your own mind. Fighting with your one mind is stupidity but most people are engaged in this kind of fighting for their whole life. They fight with sex, they fight with anger, they fight with fear and it is their own mind. One part is creating anger and another part is fighting with it. So if you can not quit smoking then at least don't condemn it. Because one part of your mind loves to smoke. If one part loves to smoke then love it whole heartedly. This is the first step. If you love something whole heartedly only then you will be able to quit it whole heartedly. Mind should not be divided into parts. It should be integrated.

Look at your mind. One part is pulling here and another part is pulling there. No, this should not happen. Either love cigarette or quit it. There is no middle way. If you love to smoke then it is not a problem. Then you can die for it. If you hate cigarette then also there is no problem, you can quit it.

Anyway, I have studied many people and noticed that once someone make his mind to quit he can immediately quit. Cigarettes are not humans they are just things. They do not hold you, you hold them. Smoke is a smoke it is not addictive. Many people believe that they are dependent on nicotine but this is not true. It is just an excuse. Your body does not need nicotine. Some people think that they will feel lonely or they will get mentally disturbed. No this is also not true. If you expect that you will get mentally disturbed or you really need cigarettes then only your mind will feel that way.

If you don't expect negative results then it will not happen to you. It is not reality but your expectations make you feel disturbed. You will forget smoking easily within three days. And if you remain a nonsmoker for one month then it will not bother you again.

To quit smoking is really easy but you make it difficult. Remember simple, effective and quick strategy always work.